Welcome to Chasing Beauty by Tom Morton. All images on the site are available in a range of formats, from digital prints to mugs, framed canvas and tote bags. You can browse the full gallery here. And come back regularly, new images are uploaded weekly!


In 2017, I was living in Toronto for the first time and I found myself at a loss. Most of my friends, my family, the people who mattered to me, were roughly 6000 kilometres away in Europe, whilst I was embarking on a new chapter of my life in an unknown city. I had been dabbling in photography for some time, but I was at best a dilettante, there was no rhyme of reason to anything I was doing with a camera. Suddenly, in this context, my photos became a way for me to remain connected to my roots, and to let people know what I was doing and seeing on the other side of the planet.

My posts to Instagram became increasingly regular, until I finally decided to set myself a challenge: one post a day. Spread a little love, share a little beauty.

The posting has grown into something of a meditation, forcing me to take a moment out of every day to seek out something post-worthy. Sometimes the image leaps out at me, at other times it is like blood from a stone and I have to resort to elaborate editing and colour correction to conjure a note of beauty. But the exercise has been incredibly rewarding, particularly on those occasions when complete strangers have taken the time to comment or send a private message expressing their enjoyment of the work.

You can continue to follow the daily posting on Instagram @chasingbeautytm.

On this website, you will find a selection of work available for purchase, from simple framed prints to various objects.

Keep Chasing Beauty. You just have to know it's out there.

Tom Morton, August 2019



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